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Antique Pepperbox Pistol, Bar Hammer 6 Shot .31 Cal., Cased With Partial Tin Eley Bro.s Caps
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Antique Pepperbox Pistol, Bar Hammer 6 Shot .31 Cal., Cased With Partial Tin Eley Bro.s Caps.  Pistol resembles an Allen & Thurber but is unmarked.  Circa Mid 1800's.

Pistol has rotating 6 shot barrel that is 3" long, with a bar hammer on top that works when the trigger is pulled.  The barrels index when the trigger is pulled.  Open scrollwork engraving on both sides of the frame, on the triggerguard, and on the butt of the grip.  All metal is a medium gray patina, with some pitting on two adjacent barrels and also some on the left frame and also on the butt of the grip.  All nipples present and have some very minor flattening from the hammer being dropped on them.  The 6 barrel cylinder will index freely and does not lock up as it should, but it indexes perfectly when the trigger is pulled - possibly a gunsmith could tune the mechanism up some to correct the free indexing.  Fine walnut grips with most of their original finish, and the right grip has a small chip out on the bottom front corner.

Partial tin of caps is 1 1/2" diameter X 1 1/4" tall, and is painted black with a paper label.  The black paint is discolored in a spotty fashion on the sides of the tin, and some of the paint is gone from around the sides of the lid.  No dents.  Original paper label on top is about 96-97% complete and reads "Waterproof Percussion Caps for Central-Fire Breech-Loading Cases, Eley Bro.s Ld., London."

Wood case is 10" wide X 4 1/2" deep X 3" tall, with brass hinges and a simple brass catch.  Case is compartmentalized on the inside and is lined with blue felt.  The bottom of the case is covered with the same blue felt.  The lid to the case is slightly bowed.  No dings or dents and only some very light handling scuffs.  Wood looks like it might be chestnut.  Case has 14 loose cast .31 caliber round balls inside, one of which is totally white with oxidization.  The other lead balls have been poorly cast and have wrinkles and flats.

Overall Condition Very Good.


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