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Antique Potsdam Percussion Musket, .70 Caliber, Regimental Markings, Replacement Ramrod, Original
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Antique Potsdam Percussion Musket, .70 Caliber, Regimental Markings, Replacement Ramrod, Original.  No serial number.  No FFL Required.

41" round smoothbore barrel, that has proofmarks and 1833 stamped into the loeft side at the breech.  Brass nosecap and barrel bands.  Missing both sling swivels.  Iron lockplate is marked Potsdam.  Iron hammer and trigger.  Iron barrel band spring retainers.  Brass escutcheon plate, trigger guard, and buttplate.  No original finish remaining on any of the itron parts.  the barrel has a deep plum brown to dark gray patina, and the lockplate, hammer and tirgger have a dark gray patina.  All the brass fittings have an old dark patina.  The buttplate is marked:  1823 15.L.W.R. C 370.  the hammer spring is fairly strong and the action does function well enough.  the half cock feature functions, but when the hammer is dropped from full cock it stops at the half cock position and the trigger needs to be pulled again to then drop the hammer fully (probably due to the sear being worn).  The ramrod is a thin brass rod with a brass fitting on the tip, which looks to be an old homemade replacement.  Walnut stock has plenty of dings and scratches, as would be expected, with a few light gouges.  On the right side of the buttstock is an old hand carved W or an E, and on the left side of the buttstock is an old hand carved HD.  There is some wood damage on both sides of the top of the buttstock adjacent to the top of the buttplate which looks like old water damage.  There is a chip of wood out directly behind the nipple, which measures about 1/2" X 1/2" X 1/2".  Curiously, directly behind the barrel tang on the very top of the wrist area of the stock, in 1/8" high very neatly stamped letters is CSA.  This CSA stamping looks a lot later than the rest of the musket and probably is NOT what the untrained collector might like to think this is.  This is still a nice example of an early import musket that could very well have seen use during the Civil War.  Condition Very Good.      

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