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Vintage Super Defense Paper Pop Gun, Used, Still Works, Circa 1930's
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Vintage Super Defense Paper Pop Gun, Used, Still Works, Circa 1930's.  Black crinkle finish tin that is riveted together, with nickle plated trigger and paper roll holder.  Strips cut from newspaper are used for this toy pistol's ammo, roll the paper up into a coil and feed it into the top.  the cover is missing from the paper coil holder (which would have shown the Made In USA maker marks).  The nickle plating is still bright on the paper coil holder and most of the trigger, but shows old surface rust from handling around the "barrel" and working bars on either side of the front of the pistol.  Still works most of the time and you have to manually index the paper coil.  The trigger does does rebound after shooting and it rebounds when the pistol is recocked.  don't know if there is supposed to be a spring for the trigger or not.  Interesting toy from a by-gone era and would look great in any cap gun collection.  Has some slight wear to the black crinkle finish.  Condition Good Plus. 

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