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Pre-Civil War US Model 1842 Springfield Musket, .69 Cal., Dated 1850, With Ramrod, Original
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Pre-Civil War US Model 1842 Springfield Musket, .69 Cal., Dated 1850, With Ramrod, Original.  42" round smoothbore barrel, with no rear sight as is typical on this model of weapon.  The short blade front sight is integral with the front barrel band.  Barrel finish, barrel bands, hammer, triggerguard and buttplate are all dark, and the lockplate is a medium gray.  The lockplate is marked with the Eagle over US and has Springfield 1850.  The back top of the barrel has proof stamps (V over P over an Eagle head) and the barrel tang is marked 1849.  Original trumpet ended ramrod is somewhat rusty.  There is some light pitting on the top of the barrel around the nipple, on the nipple, and on the hammer.  The buttplate has some pitting as well, and the buttplate tang has a stamping but due to the rusted finish it is hard to make out waht it is.  Both sling swivels still present.  Stock has lots of scratches and dings from use and storage, and there is a small crack in the top edge on the right side just in front of the middle barrel band just above the barrel band retainer spring.  There are a few minor chips out around the top of the buttplate around the tang.  The hammer does not have a half cock and the hammer will not fall at full cock when the trigger is pulled, and the hammer has to be pulled all the way way for the trigger to release the hammer - all probably due to a worn sear spring inside the lock.  Still a very decnet and desireable weapon of the Civil War era and before.  Condition Very Good.  No FFL Required. 

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