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WWII German Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger 2nd Model Dagger, Eickhorn, W/ Scabbard & Hanger, Original
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WWII German Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger 2nd Model 1937 Dagger, Eickhorn, With Scabbard & Hanger, Original. 

Nice untouched nickel plated blade with some minor spotty discoloration and some minor pitting (near the tip).  Blade is straight with no bends and has no nicks to the edges.  Nicely acid etched with the "Original Eickhorn Solingen" mark of the squirrel holding the sword.  Cast alloy handle fittings (crossguard, ferrule, and pommel), with darkened recesses for contrast.  All fittings are silver plated.  The crossguard has some uneven dark age toning, as does the ferrule, and the pommel is pretty much a light dull gray now.  Yellow celluloid grip with twisted silver wire wrap.  Grip is fine with no apparent scratches, and no cracks or chips.  Silver plated magnetic sheet metal scabbard that is straight and free of dents or bends.  The silver plating has a slightly uneven medium age toning.  Silver plated cast alloy scabbard bands with steel rings.  The scabbard bands have an uneven dark age toning.  Regular quality hanger, with cast alloy fittings and velvet backed straps.  No original finish remains on any of the hanger fittings and these are all a dark gray patina.  The upper fitting is marked D.R.G.M. and U.E. 10 RZM.  The snap clips are both marked D.R.G.M.  The straps show some light wear on the front, and have some very slight wear on the edges.  The velvet on the backs of the straps is all intact and smooth.  Blade fits snugly into the scabbard.

Nice honest untouched dagger, scabbard, and hanger.  Condition Very Good Plus.    

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