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If you have a specific item you are looking for you can go right to our search page, or if you want to just browse click on any of the category items show on the main page. If you wish to place a bid or sell an item you must first register.

If you need any additional help please select from one of the topics below!

In order to bid on an item you must first register with SoldUSA!

If you have found an item you would like to bid on - click the bid icon or scrolldown to the bottom of the page. The current price, the bid increment and the minimumbid will be shown. In the text field enter your maximum bid - or proxy bid.

What is a proxy bid?
A proxy bid is another way to say maximum bid. Basically you enter the most you wouldbe willing to pay and as other users bid on the item, the Auction will automaticallybid for you again all the way up to the amount of your proxy bid.

What does reserve mean?
A seller may wish to put a reserve price on an item. This means that the item will notsell until the current price equals or goes over the reserve price amount.

In order to sell an item you must first register with SoldUSA!

What is Home Page Featured?
Home Page Featured is the highest amount of visibility you can get for your item. It is pooled together with the other home featured items and selected randomly tobe shown on the main page of the auction.

What is Category Featured?
Category Featured moves your item to the top of the list when viewing items of thesame category or search results.

What is Gallery? In order to be listed in the gallery you must enter in a valid Picture URL when addingyour item. It is a different way to view items, showing their pictures first. Many userslike to shop this way and it gives your item more exposure!

What is Highlight and Bold Listing? Simply put these options attract more attention to your item listing.

Feedback can be a very important tool for you to use when buying or selling.

Each user is given a feedback rating based on the # of positive and negative commentsthey receive from other user's as they buy and sell. They get +1 point for a positive feedback, -1 point for a negative feedback, and 0 pointsfor a neutral one. Be sure to check a user's feedback before bidding on an item to makesure they are trustworthy.

Click on the View Invoice button to show your current invoice for the past 30 days. Changing the start and end dates you can view more previous transactions. The Make Payment button allows you to enter an amount and send SoldUSA moneyvia any of the available payment options.